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Skin Care Education

Learn how you can take care of yourself with tips and tricks from Kristen

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Dermatology is a field of medical study that focuses on hair, nail, and of course, skin conditions. Learn more about the best skincare routine you can use to prevent skin conditions and maintain your skin’s health year-round. Below you will also find resources for learning more about dermatology conditions and when you should seek online dermatology care.

Part 1: Cleanse

Everyone should wash their face at least twice per day to remove the natural accumulation of dirt, bacteria, oil, dead skin, and other pollutants from day-to-day life. If you have naturally dry skin, you’ll need to find the right face wash to keep your skin from getting too dry.

Look for washes that are liquid-only non-soap cleansers. Also while you’re shopping for a face wash, review the product label to make sure its formula fits your skin type.

Part 2: Protect

Once you’ve cleaned your skin, it’s time to protect it. If you’ve been prescribed any type of acne medication or medicated ointments, you should apply those products before proceeding to the protect phase of your regimen.

Part 3: Repair

Use antioxidants to repair the skin and reverse the signs of aging. Do this at night after cleansing your skin so whatever you use on your skin will be fully absorbed for the maximum benefit. 

One way to repair the skin is to use a product with antioxidant properties to remove free radicals from the surface of your skin. The great thing about antioxidants is that anyone can use them. There are no birth defects that come from antioxidants and no risk to mothers who are nursing. 


Part 4: Resurface

Acids in dermatology and skin care break up dirt, oils, and other pollutants on the surface of your skin. Acids also break down old skin cells so they can be lifted away so the younger healthier skin will come to the surface.

Now, you should know that it’s not an instant fix. Acids work best with consistent use and over long periods of time. They are not a magic solution that will instantly wipe years off of your face. However, over time, you will see lines, wrinkles, and sun damage decrease as you stick to your skin care regimen.

Why use Tennessee Telederm?

Virtual Appointments

Your exam is online using telehealth, a HIPAA secure video platform powered by Athenahealth, the largest connected network built to support physician practices.

Experience-Backed Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are backed by years of dermatology and practice experience. Kristen specializes in diagnosing and treating medical conditions of the skin and creates personalized treatment plans for each patient.

Convenience and Affordable

Tennessee Telederm offers a convenient and affordable way to receive dermatology care through online scheduling, telehealth and same-day appointments. We do accept insurance and treat ages 12 and up.

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