Back to School Skin Care - Dermatologist Tips
Catherine Harris, MA, ATR-BC, RYT 200 

While the start of the school year is often an exciting time, it can be a stressful one too. During this season, both students and parents are facing a lot of new—new teachers, new classrooms, new routines, and new schedules. And as we know, especially as parents, any type of change can be uncomfortable, even when it is expected. This was already the case in our pre-pandemic lives, but especially so now, as we face a whole new set of challenges moving into the fall. 


The recent surge in COVID cases due to the Delta variant is concerning to say the least, particularly as new information continues to arise regarding breakthrough infections in vaccinated individuals along with higher rates of the virus detected in children. It is no wonder then that many are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, discouraged and unsure as schools begin to reopen their doors this month. 


Coping with Difficult Situations


As a mental health provider, I have long turned to the practice of mindfulness and mindful self-compassion as means for coping with the difficult emotions that arise from life’s many challenges. While mindfulness is probably most well known for its continual emphasis on bringing attention to the present moment, mindful self-compassion addresses the equally important aspect of how we care for ourselves within that moment.