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Kristen Stirling was recently featured in an online article from The Nashville Voyager, an online editorial that highlights inspiring stories from around Nashville, TN.

The full article is titled: Life & Work with Kristen Stirling

Article Summary:

Kristen starts by introducing herself and reviewing her educational background. She earned a degree in Mass Communication from MTSU and then attended the Belmont University School of Nursing. 

After she graduated from Belmont, Kristen worked with the Burn Unit at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and then moved to private practice in Nashville. During her years of private practice, Kristen has treated all types of dermatology conditions, including eczema, complex rashes, skin cancers, and more.

The Start of Tennessee TeleDerm

During the 2020 lockdowns, Kristen had to pivot to telehealth appointments while still being a part of a private practice network. However, after adapting to online appointments, she decided to start her own practice that focused on providing dermatology care through the convenience of telehealth-only appointments.

Rising Through 2020

Kristen discusses the ups and downs of starting a new practice during 2020. She also talks about the challenge of reaching enough patients through the digital marketing landscape, while staying within a budget. 

But even though the road has been challenging, Kristen continues to be optimistic and determined to adapt to her patient’s needs. 

What Sets Tennessee TeleDerm Apart?

Kristen reviews the unique values her clients get when setting up an account through Tennessee TeleDerm, as well as her passion for practicing medical dermatology. She shares some of her philosophies for treatment and for patient education. 

Kristen emphasizes how she puts in the time and effort to establish a great rapport with all of her patients. She also invests time into fully educating her patients about their conditions so they will feel more motivated to follow the prescribed treatment routines, and thus get better results. Setting clear expectations for her patient’s treatments is central to Kristen’s practice.

Wrapping Up

Before the interview ends, Kristen shares some life advice for readers who might be trying to start their own business.

Read the full article on the Nashville Voyager: Life & Work with Kristen Stirling


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