Learn how to build to perfect skincare routine from a dermatology expert.

The question I am asked most, by far, is “what is the best skincare regimen?”

In dermatology, we are most concerned with skin health. After all, your skin is the largest organ of your body! It is responsible for keeping pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals out while also regulating temperature and maintaining a cushion for your organs and musculoskeletal system. Whew–I’m tired just typing all of that!  

It makes sense, then, that healthy skin appears as more youthful-looking skin.

Therefore, the best skincare regimen is one that protects skin health!

The Basics of Skin Protection

Sun Protection

Too much UV damages skin cells and the DNA of the skin, leading to pre-cancer and skin cancer lesions (melanoma). Chronic sun damage causes color and texture changes that are often irreversible. 

Make sure your daily face moisturizer has mineral SPF in it. If you’re not sure, look for Zinc and Titanium which are mineral sunblocks. If you can