Stop hair loss and regrow your hair by seeing a dermatologist in Tennessee.

Stop Hair Loss in Tennessee

What to do for your best head of hair and when to see a dermatologist.

Hair growth, loss, and other changes are frequent patient problems treated by dermatologists. Though there are dozens of over-the-counter hair repair and growth products, a dermatologist should first diagnose all hair loss and other hair concerns.

Hair growth starts at the follicle level in the dermis of the skin. The dermis is the middle layer of the skin of the three layers of your skin. This layer is home to the blood vessels, oil and sweat glands, and the skin’s immune system. Think of the follicle as something like a plant root and the dermis as nutrient-rich soil. Hair grows up from the follicle out through the dermis and epidermis.

Hair is composed of three layers of cuticle cells. These layers contain keratin and other lipid barriers to give hair strength and texture. Hair is porous, and water causes the hair to swell, making hair heavier and longer when wet.


What Causes Hair Damage

Like the skin, the hair weathers exposure from numerous chemicals, cold and heat in Tennessee, friction, and manipulation. Each of these processes potentially wears down the hair’s cuticle, leaving breaks, split ends, dry and unmanageable hair. The longer the hair grows, the more susceptible the hair is to this “weathering.” Examples of hair weathering include bleaching, permanent solutions, styling products and sprays, heat drying, combing, hair accessories, and hair-pulling associated with ponytails, braids, extensions